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Default Re: A good starting point.

I can personally recommend I've spoken with George on the phone and he seems like a hell of a guy. Even did me a favor, when it really wasn't necessarily his responsibility. They have good prices and Barring actually buying from MYA direct, for me its a good shot. He also has a really good selection.

I can also by way of word of mouth recommend social smoke and MNhookah.

I can't recommend acrylics. Not that they are bad, I just have never used one. But, that aside I think I would start out with an egyptian. Acrylics have broken, especially when screwing them together, so don't just get it for the durability. I have had a very small syrian, mya vortex and a bohemian, all glass last over 1 years and two of them over 2 years. The thing thats most likely to break is really the bowl. And I have had all of them knocked over at parties. Again, I cannot recommend for or against acrylics though.
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