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Default Name-less hookahs vs Name-brand Hookahs

(I know i make a lot of threads asking a lot of questions. I'm very sorry for being a noob =T)

I've noticed almost everyone here on the site (at least more experienced smokers) have name brand hookahs. Whether it be Khalil Mamoon or Nammor, people on this site seem to be able to easily identify their hookahs with a name.

My question is, is there a main difference between name-brand hookahs and name-less hookahs? When it comes to buying accessories does it make it easier if it has a name?

I currently have an 11' disco pumpkin hookah that i got from a friend. And i have no idea if it even has a name.

But i am about to purchase a "Medium 20 Inch Black Hookah" off of I dont know if it has a name but if it does i would like to know it as well.

The "Medium 20 Inch Black Hookah" is standard 1 hose. I would like to be able to turn my new hookah into a double hose but im afraid since its name-less it will be hard for me to find an adapter.

Help please? I know i have a lot of questions, but i really appreciate your help.
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