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Originally Posted by CaptHowdy View Post
Nobody mentioned pliers. I have a chinese that gets stuck if I don't take it apart after each use. Muscle it if you want to, it can be done, but pliers are so much easier and take less time.
If you do this get ones with plastic inserts as to not scratch the metal. Or you can pad the pliers with something similar if you don't have the proper ones to begin with.

Originally Posted by Mold View Post
PB Blaster! Just make sure to wash it REALLY good after as it is poisonous. Silicone spray would be good to prevent it from getting stuck in the future but as far as I know it is poisonous as well.

Anyways, just my $0.02
Not all silicone sprays are toxic. There is an edible version used in food prep and brewing.
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