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Default Re: Name-less hookahs vs Name-brand Hookahs

The brand name means as much as with any other product, your going to get a better car if you buy BMW instead of a KIA. The KIA will get you from point A to B it just wont be as fun on the ride and it wont appeal to anybody else, not to mention BMW have longer shelf life then kias do. But it all comes down to preference man, you might love kias, and there inst anything wrong with that. My first hookah was a large SSC and i replaced it with a Pharonie in 6 months, the SSC was fine but its just not a KM ya know?. As far as the 2 hose question goes, you are correct, you will have less options in terms of transforming it into a 2 hose and you may not be able to do it at all. How much is your new rig going to cost
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