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Default Re: A good starting point.

Depending on the size of hookah, you can a hell of alot for less than $100.

I've never ordered from GH myself, I hadn't heard the greatest, but as I haven't dealt with them myself, I truely can not say. I have ordered from MNHookah, Hookah Company, Nargile Club, Hookah-Shisha, and a few others, and can vouch for their products and customer service.

As Das_M said, acrylic may not be the way to go. Yes, they have certain advantages, but they also have their CONS. I myself don't have an acrylic, I prefer the look and feel of a glass base - I also have 4 hookahs, 3 of which are functional. The oldest (Egyptian) is out of use after several (3 years) of HARD use, but it wasn't in the greatest shape when purchased. I currently use (2) different Syrian style hookahs and 1 Modern and I wouldn't trade them for nothing.

As I stated before: for $100 you can get alot of hookah depending on what size you are looking for, even if you calculate shipping in.

Are you looking for portability? How many hoses? Color? Style?
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