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Default Re: sneaking smoking hookah.

Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
I am not a fan of deception. If you live someplace that does not allow smoking for any reason then just respect it. I live in an apartment where smoking is a no go. I have never smoked in my living space. I have been smoking for around three years and it has always been at friend's houses.

If they are just iffy about the smell try to reason with them. If you go behind their backs and lie to them you are just hurting yourself in the long run. They will be less apt the negotiate and will be more convinced that you don't have the self control necessary to deny addictive and detrimental effects.

If you are straight forward and respectful you will get much farther than being deceitful and ending up in the inevitable argument and mess.
AMEN kalutika!!! its true respect the owners and the house. but if you do i would light up some incense or a candle which wouldnt make the smell to bad, i do smoke in my room also and i dont have a problem leaking out to other parts of the house, then again i open up the window when i do. but since there is soo much smoke that comes out you really cant say if it will or will not go through the vents and into the other rooms. so i would just disguise the smell instead of trying to hide it. febreez, candles, or incense.

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