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Default Re: Name-less hookahs vs Name-brand Hookahs

Depending on the hookah you will have a throttled draw. Meaning your actual stem will be smaller or your hose inlet will be smaller. For instance, your pumpkin has an very throttled draw. Your stem is tight and your hose inlet is even worse.

The motto "You get what you pay for" applies very well in the world of hookahs and accessories. If I were you I would get a nice small Mya from that website versus a large generic Chinese hookah like what your planning to get.

Any of the above 3 hookahs are $50 bucks a piece from that exact website your looking at. I'm sure its a little more than what your hoping to spend but the above 3 hookahs are MYA's and are very great quality. Parts such as vases are easy to replace if you break them, stems are easy to replace if you loose/get it stolen from you (it happens.)

Above all of that the draw will be great. Don't let the size fool you, they are amazing hookahs and you'll thank me later for convincing you to pick 1 of those up instead.

Plus the hose is better, it comes in a very nice carrying case rather than a crappy cardboard box, and above all the size is so great that bringing it to a friends house will be of great ease.

As long as you clean your MYA, it will last a LONG time. Mine has lasted 3 years so far and is still doing great. So do yourself a favor and get a good quality hookah. Any of the above 3 will do. Smoke on bro.
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