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Default Re: Name-less hookahs vs Name-brand Hookahs

Originally Posted by tapatio10floz View Post
I have a nameless hookah that I got from South and it smokes nicely
Have you had a name brand hookah such as a KM to compare it too? I thought my first hookah which was a chinese generic made by inhale was good, I also thought my MYA was good, but after getting my KM it made me feel like I was using novelty toys. No joke, the difference was astronomical. I'm not trying to tear down your love for your hookah but if you haven't smoked a KM before to compare it to then how do you know if your missing something?

FYI, there is nothing wrong with a MYA, it is a great quality hookah that officially got me hooked into this world. It is the PERFECT starter hookah and will last you a LONG time until you rack up the cash to get you a KM or Brass Al Fakher. Both of which are AMAZING hookahs and will be a nice upgrade from your Mya many years down the line.
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