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Default Re: Want a new hookah, sick of my tri-metal.

I have this one http://**********.com/KM-Sharkawe-Chiller-2093.htm or close to it with a KM jumbo vase and it smokes AMAZING. Youll like it. Although if I were you I'd get a Heba Diffuser from Sahara Smoke otherwise it bubbles soo hard that your coals will move on top of your bowl. The vase holds soo much water that when you draw it bubbles no matter what because of the width of the vase. Either that or NEVER smoke it without ice to diffuse the bubbles. Its the greatest vase in history so enjoy it.

FYI if you are wondering if the Heba Diffuser will reduce the draw, it won't. Get the larger of the two diffusers and buy 2 or 3. I have 2 myself because if you don't clean them after every few days then they get smelly and absorb odors. If you have an extra then you can throw the dirty one in the dishwasher and pop on the clean one and just keep changing them out every few days. Best of luck.
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