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Placed an order on 2/15/06 - various tobacco and several items for a fellow HP member. Smooth transaction on the site, got the required emails (confimation & tracking number). This part of the order was great... but I had some issues.

First issue I have with HC - THEY USE FEDEX GROUND! This means, if you ARE NOT home when they stop by, and the shipper requires a siggy, they leave a notice. According to the RUDE rep on the phone - FedEx GROUND drivers OWN their own trucks - thus my package wasn't returned to the depot - oh no, it's LOCKED AWAY in some truck, somewhere! Plus, you can't arrange a "Pick-up" until the 3rd failed deleivery attempt & they won't change the "ship to address" unless the SHIPPER requests it.

This all means I had to pay TAG w/ Fedex all last week, but I finally got my package on Friday 2/22/08. Yes, not directly tied to HC, but THEY ARE THE ONES WHO USE FEDEX GROUND! And no - I won't switch to Express, shipping more than DOUBLED (13.25 to 50!!!).

Second issue - they sent the wrong item. Only (1) wrong thing out of 12 or so different packages of tobacco isn't bad, but it's STILL the wrong item. I ordered Sahara Grape (250g) and they sent Crystal Grape (250g). Same flavor & price, but I like Sahara better.

I've emailed them about the wrong product, but so far NO return emails. I'll update this after I get a reply.

So far - they have dropped a notch on my ladder. They still offer a huge selection, but I HATE FEDEX!

Score: 8/10

Well, nearly 2 weeks later and NO REPLY from my email. None. I'm gonna resend it, but I think I kinda give up. This is really beginning to annoy me...

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