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Default Re: At Wits End with quality, Am I missing something?

I've been concerned with these issues as well. I even ask my importers about it all the time, the response I gave DRMALIKIA was straight from one importer and I get that from others as well. It's an answer that is not satisfying in anyways "output is so much that they can't keep up with quality control, etc" Yes, it's a normal part of any business' growing pains, but these come from a company in Egypt, not in an ISO2000 (not sure of the proper referance) factory, where if they get too big they just need to get a bigger location and hire more people. Remember, this is the middle east, not the US. They treat their employees like crap, well, more like slaves, (not trying to insult anyone here, but if you are from Egypt, or anywhere in the ME you know it has validity) They don't have the means to expand, nor do the owners want too. They will be happy to take in more orders due to demand, collect the money and output anything the importer/wholeslers/retailers/consumers will accept. But expand, improve employee morale, use their increased revenues to make improvements.....i doubt it.
You can argue that the consumer will stop buying and this will affect KM's performance...yea, i doubt this will happen, and they know that.
All in all the pipe will smoke great, the bowl is unacceptable and broke in shipping as I get a lot of those too and just replace them with new ones. DrM will be getting a new one for sure.
I hope this kind of helps explain, even though it's not the happy ending everyone would want.
DrM, lets keep in touch.
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