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Default Re: At Wits End with quality, Am I missing something?

Originally Posted by DRMALIKIA View Post
Three weeks ago I bought what I felt was an overpriced Chinese hookah that was of poor quality in my opinion. So I did my homework on these forums, reviewed vendors and found Hookah John's and a KM Pearl Red. I have been so excited this week for Friday to arrive when my new toy was patiently waiting at my front door. I unpacked my ******* Hookah Coals, my new tongs, my two new Narbisch Hoses (v1 & v3), the vase (fricking awesome) and then the stem. Holy crap, the stem looks like shit.

The closest I can compare the stem to looking like a plumber soldiered it together and then dropped it on the floor several times. Not to mention he forgot to nickel coat the seams where the welds/soldier are and the splattered soldier. It looks used, beat up, and something I could have made by hand myself (ok so maybe that is an exaggeration).

I need advice, honesty and some guidance since I am new to this arena. I understand hookahs are hand made but for $115 dollars I was expecting something of higher quality then my Chinese hookah. The Chinese hookah that now looks as good if not better then the KM Pearl Red quality wise (stem comparison only). Before I go complaining to Hookah John, I wanted some opinions from those that have done business with him and are current KM owners. Am I asking for too much based on the pictures below? I am just really disappointed and was expecting more quality then what I received. Help!

Do not get me wrong, John hooked me up with a free hose (Narbisch v1 with the possible leakage problems) and took the time to call me and review my order.
You're probably not going to like what I have to say but if you're unhappy with that stem because of what was pictured, don't buy Egyptian or Syrian anymore. They look like they're soldered because they are soldered. There is no nickel plating on the Caramana. It's stainless steel. These things are pumped out for little money, packed as tightly as possible into containers, and shipped across the world. The price you are paying is to keep that chain alive. If you are unhappy with that quality for the price you are paying, feel free to fly over there yourself to cut the cost of the service of bringing them over and making them available to you. Keep in mind that not every country out there shares the same business principles or perception of quality that exist here. Unfortunately this industry is based on cheap products and I don't mean KMs or other similarly priced hookahs. There is a reason why nobody stateside manufactures these things.

The good news is you're in good hands. John has a reputation for doing whatever he can to make his customers happy, but at the same time try to understand that there's only so much he can do.

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