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Default Re: At Wits End with quality, Am I missing something?

Originally Posted by Luv2Smoke View Post
Having said that by the sound of it an AF hookah would have suited you better, excellent quality, design, looks, more durable than a KM and still smokes just as good. I would put it down to experience and next time go for a Syrian, preferably AF because they gave a traditional chamber.
Sorry but this is not true. Looks is a matter of opinion and they are constructed using the same methods. Dings, nicks, scratches, and sloppy soldering are common among AFs also, the former probably even more so because AFs are plated. AFs are more restrictive than KMs. They can also suffer from quality issues like two piece stem tubes seamed together and the hose tubes are built from multiple pieces with internal constrictions. I have yet to have seen either case in the many of KMs I've examined. KMs are traditional chambers.
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