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Default Re: At Wits End with quality, Am I missing something?

John will take care of you, he's one of the best!

I just unpacked 24 of these hookahs down at our lounge to put into use, and didn't find a single dent, scratch, or chip. Solder work is on par with recent KM's. Paint on base is marginally ok. Ironic when the much maligned look alikes have better quality control then the models they're based on.

John's absolutely right about the prevailing business model used in modern manufacturing in the Middle East. It can be pretty brutal, although not too many Egyptians citizens are working in those Egyptian factories. The Middle East is the only place I know of where when you tell a manufacturer that you want to buy large quantities at wholesale, they try to raise the price! (They feel they have a right to share in your expanded profits.)
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