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Default to buy or not to buy

hey guys,

so my friend bought this 28 inch( 33 inch with the phunnel bowl) mya saray hookah with 4 hoses. 2 cobra hoses 2 razzan. he bought it 4 months ago because i got him into hookah and all that jazz and spent about 150 bucks total on it after he got some shisha and hoses and hose ports, now hes getting out of smoking and says he will sell it to me for 60 bucks.. the thing has had a little use but still looks like its in pretty good condition no cracks or breaks or blemishes or nothin.. hoses will probably need cleaning but big deal right.. should i go for it or save my money.. keep in mind my hookah is an extremely used 22 inch egyptian 2 hoser with JB weld/ gorilla glue.. the works... what should i do ?

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