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Default Re: Ed Hardy in Mashhad

Originally Posted by foibled View Post
While the story is pretty amusing, it's a double standard IMO. If the roles were reversed and that happened in the US, the outcome would be very different. I do agree wholeheartedly about respecting local customs and mores and I am in no way defending this idiot's actions.

Anyhow, the true moral of the story is to not smoke an Ed Hardy hookah around Hajo. He'll have you're ass deported.
I'm confused about the matter of double standards I wonder if you could clarify for me exactly what you mean?

As I am just a normal traveling salesman type guy I don't have any influence about who gets deported. That is up the local government in every country on the planet.

Anyway, a bunch of other cool and funny stuff happened as well so i'll likely write something about those things.
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