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Default Re: At Wits End with quality, Am I missing something?

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
in the hookah world, "egyptian quality" = shit, i feel you pain, i think my km is not worth the 140 i paid by a long shot, the glass is so bad that if i made something with the same issues no gallery would even talk to me

honestly i dont think i will ever buy a km again, i would rather just make one, granted it would take me weeks and the materials alone would cost a boat load but i would be the only one to blame for bad joins, wonky glass, etc

Egyptian quality = shit? That is news to me and a whole lot of people that buy KMs and other Egyptian brands. All of my Egyptian narghiles are quite good both functionally and aesthetically. I own some KMs, a couple of generic Egyptians, some MZs and I used to own an El Ashrey and they were all somewhere between very nice to perfect. I wonder why you think that a vase suitable for display in a gallery will be found on a rig that costs 140USD? As a practical matter custom made vases by themselves cost more then that. I am sure that KM (and every other Egyptian maker) produces some stuff that has defects and doesn't look as nice I would ideally want but to decide that what Egypt makes is shit because you didn't get a vase you'd want to display in a gallery or because someone like the OP is unhappy seems unreasonable to me.
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