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Default Re: At Wits End with quality, Am I missing something?

Originally Posted by Luv2Smoke View Post
KMs may not look as good as Chinese rigs in some cases because they are handmade but trust me the quality of KMs is far better. Chinese ones with the screw on downstem will eventually break and the common chamber will eventually fail on you whereas you will find the KMs to be more durable and will smoke alot better.

Having said that by the sound of it an AF hookah would have suited you better, excellent quality, design, looks, more durable than a KM and still smokes just as good. I would put it down to experience and next time go for a Syrian, preferably AF because they gave a traditional chamber.
Every Chinese rig I ever owned (which is literally a couple of hundred since I owned to own a cafe) fell apart in under a year and usually they had massive problems with functionality like bent down tubes/down tubes that didn't thread/valves that didn't work and they all rusted in no time. I bought Myas exclusively since they were supposedly better then typical Chinese rigs.
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