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Default Re: At Wits End with quality, Am I missing something?

Originally Posted by DRMALIKIA View Post
No, I do not think I am "overstating the aesthetic issues" based on the reviews I saw I expected more. It seems to be a down the middle in this thread alone with the quality of the KM product. Some people had the same experience as I did, others had no to minor issues with their KM. Ultimately I expected that a $100 dollar hookah would be better, I stand corrected. If getting a high quality hookah means spending $700 dollars then so be it, I would be up for that if it ensured a quality product.

I guess when you buy a "New Car" you should get it with as minimal imperfections. If it was advertised as a "Used Car" then some dents, scratches are expected. Nothing against John, I am more concerned with KM and now I know better. And knowing is half the battle, lol!
Well clearly you are unhappy and I get that. My KMs all are dent/defect free and give great sessions and that has been the experience that pretty much everyone i've known has had. Still, it seems that recent KM purchases have had a lot of trouble in the aesthetic side of things so sure, stay clear of KMs. What I will suggest is checking out whats around it terms of Syrian rigs. Plenty of very nice, reasonably priced narghiles from Syria are on the market and personally I prefer Syrian stuff to Egyptian. If you have any questions just ask

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