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Default Re: At Wits End with quality, Am I missing something?

Originally Posted by DRMALIKIA View Post
No, I do not think I am "overstating the aesthetic issues" based on the reviews I saw I expected more. It seems to be a down the middle in this thread alone with the quality of the KM product. Some people had the same experience as I did, others had no to minor issues with their KM. Ultimately I expected that a $100 dollar hookah would be better, I stand corrected. If getting a high quality hookah means spending $700 dollars then so be it, I would be up for that if it ensured a quality product.

I guess when you buy a "New Car" you should get it with as minimal imperfections. If it was advertised as a "Used Car" then some dents, scratches are expected. Nothing against John, I am more concerned with KM and now I know better. And knowing is half the battle, lol!
I still can't believe people are OK with dents and dings and bad craftsmanship on things they spend their money on. I'm 100% with you on your entire post, for the money you spend on these things, you would expect a pretty pristine looking pipe. Sadly it seems like the standards are low for quality and these standards have become "acceptable" amongst people who buy hookahs of 100+ range. I'm sure that more can be done to pressure the shippers to minimize the damage that these pipes see during transfers from place to place(likewise the manufacturer). Shippers will blame the manufacturer and the manufacturer will blame the shipper, honesty can't be expected when loss of business or money is at hand.
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