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Default Re: At Wits End with quality, Am I missing something?

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
hajo, first a ONE OFF vase would cost well over 100, for production work, especially in a place where everything costs less we should be able to get decent production work. the quality of these vases i have seen is so bad that the glass shouldnt even be recycled in a production shop. the glass has horrid cords (uneven composition that causes thick lines due to over heating the glass when melting or an extremely bad furnace) seedy as hell (small air bubbles from, not "squeezing" the glass after it has been melted), rocks (chunks of refractory brick from the furnace or rocks from the raw sand not being sifted), stress cracks from improper annealing, and extremely uneven thicknesses. i wasnt using the example of a gallery to say the artistic quality but the pure basic craftsmanship these vases should have. all the issues are because people are lazy and want to pawn shit off on people, the majority of the issues do not cost very much if any to correct and make it much much easier for the craftsperson to work with the material

proper solder joints should be neat and cleaned up, you honestly shouldnt be able to look at them and say "o solder joint".
Well yes I know what constitutes defects in glass production since I have had to manage a glass production line in the past. I have seen all of those problems in glass from everywhere but I don't think it's fair when so much great KM vases have satisfied so many people to deem Egyptian products as crap. Personally I have found Syrian to generally have higher quality but then with anything mass produced you can't assume that you'll get a decent product. As to joints well, my Syrians are drawn for the most part and what few points they have are well done and welded. My KMs also have well done joints.
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