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Thumbs down :X Rosetta cherrybomb..

so, at a local tobacco shop, they sell starbuzz, and some "rosetta"
we've picked up starbuzz there in a pinch before, and wehave looked at the rosetta for curiousity, and they all smelled terrible except their "cherry bomb"
well, yesterday, whordehey was waiting for me to get off work so we could go smoke some hookah and he picked up some blue mist and a 50g of that "cherrybomb"......

when we opened it and smelled it more, it kinda smelled like cough syrup.
we finally decided to try it this morning, so we packed a bowl, got some coals lit up....
went out and started to try to smoke it.

first thing, the smoke itself FELT wrong, it felt weird and terrible.
the flavor.... nauseating.... terrible..
we each took like 3 drags of it, threw the coals off and went and repacked a new bowl of blue mist.

the taste of the stuff was like chemicals and cough syrup, but i'd rather drink cough syrup.
the smoke felt terrible going down too... idk what it was, it was just odd and weird and just.... wrong.

anywho, thought i would share my story of rosetta.
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