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Default Re: Ed Hardy in Mashhad

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
I'm confused about the matter of double standards I wonder if you could clarify for me exactly what you mean?

As I am just a normal traveling salesman type guy I don't have any influence about who gets deported. That is up the local government in every country on the planet.

Anyway, a bunch of other cool and funny stuff happened as well so i'll likely write something about those things.
The you deporting someone thing was a joke.

britjh22 kinda hit on the double standard thing. If the reverse equivalent happened here in the states, it would probably lead to public outcry and end up with they guy suing for a lot of money.

While I think deporting the guy is a bit extreme for what he did, there is no excuse for acting like an ignorant fuck. I think mugging the guy and selling his EH hookah to the next Drew Carey looking bible thumper that comes in would have been a more appropriate course of action.
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