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Default Re: At Wits End with quality, Am I missing something?

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
well looking at the 2 KM vases i have, after seeing all the complaints around here and talking to a few vendors it seems that these defects are the norm. most people i have talked to that are "satisfied" with their bases still say they have these issues but they are not bothered by them (IMHO because they do not understand what causes said defects and how lazy/carless the production shops are that let this junk out). if you have managed a glass production line then you would understand how easy these things are to prevent and know it is not acceptable for these to get out. this idea that mass produced, hand made items mean you wont get consistency is idiotic and is way to common place here in the hookah community. since these vases are mold blown the uneven thickness is due to the gaffer not setting up their bubble well, which is just lazy, its not hard to set up a bubble to blow into a freaking mold.
I can't comment on the two KM vases you have. I can comment on the ones in my collection and I can comment on the 120 I bought for my cafe. In the later case they were all great but since that some was some years ago I can't comment on the quality of KM glass of current production other then what i've dealt with personally.

As my managing a glass production facility i'd say it went pretty well since it got an export accommodation for quality control.

i honestly dont see why one would weld brass, i see references to it on line but i dont see how it works out since the zinc will burn off when heated hot enough to melt the brass. brazing would require a lot of clean up on brass too since again the zinc burns off and you get a copper plating, most of the hookahs use cheap plumbing/low temp solder

Well gee, in the case of Syrian crystal I got to go into work shops and see the welding take place. I didn't second guess them about why they did it the way they did it and at the time I was distracted with the drawing opperation so I didn't inquiry about the specific method used. Still, my Syrians have great looking joints and they stood up well to many years of service so that strikes me as great quality.
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