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Default Re: At Wits End with quality, Am I missing something?

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
I can't comment on the two KM vases you have. I can comment on the ones in my collection and I can comment on the 120 I bought for my cafe. In the later case they were all great but since that some was some years ago I can't comment on the quality of KM glass of current production other then what i've dealt with personally.

As my managing a glass production facility i'd say it went pretty well since it got an export accommodation for quality control.
i honestly dont see why one would weld brass, i see references to it on line but i dont see how it works out since the zinc will burn off when heated hot enough to melt the brass. brazing would require a lot of clean up on brass too since again the zinc burns off and you get a copper plating, most of the hookahs use cheap plumbing/low temp solder

Well gee, in the case of Syrian crystal I got to go into work shops and see the welding take place. I didn't second guess them about why they did it the way they did it and at the time I was distracted with the drawing opperation so I didn't inquiry about the specific method used. Still, my Syrians have great looking joints and they stood up well to many years of service so that strikes me as great quality.[/QUOTE]

so you say you had great quality control and all your vases are great yet you can't get quality products from hand made items. again if you honestly had any hand in a glass shop you would know there is no excuse for the issues seen in these vases. as to the welding, i still am very very doubtful due to the excessive clean up that would be needed along with the properties of brass. electric welding is a more probable technique but i doubt the cost effectiveness of tig welding in these shops.

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
Wow, I didn't specifically mention AFs but I suppose you'd rather argue about what you think I should have said rather then what I did said. That is what is referred to as a strawman fallacy since my comment you cited was in response to a post you made in which you made a generalized criticism of Syrian narghiles. If actually want to respond to what I say I suggest you read what I said, take the text in context and respond according accordingly. Also, for future reference snide comments about my experience tend to make for a less then cordial exchange so I'd advise against it.
and are you you serious? you have made so many snide and condescending comments to members here about peoples experiences and opinions yet get all butt hurt when you feel even the slightest bit of aggression
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