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Default Re: Ed Hardy in Mashhad

I never said I deported anyone. I did say that I had my translator call the Swiss embassy since they handle American diplomatic stuff and find out what happened to the dolt since I wanted make sure that he was O.K. and make a fuss if he got abused.

As to the double standard, well I have a hard time imagining an Muslim proselytizer from Iran being very well accepted in the U.S. but yes, a highly secularized society is less likely to have a problem with religious diversity then a theocracy like Iran.

Personally I think having morality police is too authoritarian for my taste and deporting the guy was a bit more then one deserves for being obnoxious in my view. Still, different societies have different mores and it's not reasonable to expect the guests to change so as to make the guest feel more comfortable.

With rare exceptions Iranians treat foreigners well and tend to be quite hospitable. It really is nothing like what is seen on American TV.
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