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Default Re: Ed Hardy in Mashhad

Originally Posted by Burakiosaurus View Post
That's the trouble with a lot of tourists who live in a 'bubble' and are not aware of any other cultures other than their own.

Being a Turkish muslim living in the UK (allbeit I was born here, but nonetheless brought up in Turkish culture by my parents and have learnt about English culture as I've grown up), I fully understand the importance of respecting the culture of the country you travel to.

Unfortunately, many of the UK's young teenagers and less educated youths travel abroad on holidays where they proceed to get drunk and start disrespecting the customs and beliefs of that country and then wonder why they get deported/thrown in a cell/receive a beating from the locals.

Sadly it is mostly evident in Tourists that come from English speaking countries (i.e. UK, USA, Australia, Canada).

Now this isn't an attack on all Tourists from those countries and I don't wish to generalise, but from my own personal experiences, this is what I have learnt.
Great post!

My father was quite a fan cultural anthropology and all things relating to human difference and as a result of rather unsettled lives he instilled in me an appreciation of that which makes a people unique. Sometimes those things are great, sometimes vile and sometimes just curious.

While it's true that English (and by that I mean from the U.K.) tourists have a terrible reputation I would venture a guess that it's mainly a result of football and drinking type holidays. My personal experience (not that it means much) of U.K. tourists has been pretty positive although the places I frequent likely attack a different sort of tourist. I also have to say that German tourists have an excellent reputation and from everything i've seen (not that it matters much) shows that such a reputation is well deserved. The tricky thing is to know how to act in alien (to me) cultures and in large measure I don't know how to do that since I basically deal with just engineers, bureaucrats, industrial managers, investors and other such types that often are highly familiar with Westerners. Since i'm an idiot with languages I leave most interactions with normal people up to whom ever my translator maybe so i'm really missing out on a lot.

Anyway, I brought up all this stuff basically because I thought it was funny to see the sort of personal that travels to the IRI with Ed Hardy rig.

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