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let me be the second to say WELCOME! you definately made the right choice choosing this community. lots of great people here. lots of great reviews etc. i learned most of what I know from hookahpro and every hookah smoker i know comes to me for advice/tips/etc. you could say im the resident hookah expert in my dorm hall..

anyways on to your questions. tobacco free shisha.. where to start... im not a fan of it either, but if you want to try some, give sallam a shot, its decent, also might try a brand called Hydro. I prefer tobacco but then again im not health concerned i work out every other day.

if you are looking for a good social hookah it depends upon how many people you plan on smoking with on a daily basis, for example. I came to school with a small one hose starbuzz hookah and started smoking outside on the dorm steps nightly.. ended up with twenty people hangin out and smoking hookah with me almost every night, never had less than 15.. had to upgrade to a multi hose hookah.. most multi hose hookah kits come with plugs so that you can plug the ports not being used when you want to smoke by yourself etc.. if your smoking with a group bigger than 5 id suggest a hookah rig with 2 ports or more.. less people whining about hose hogging etc.

if you have any other questions just ask or feel free to pm me

and again. welcome to hookahpro
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