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Default Re: At Wits End with quality, Am I missing something?

Originally Posted by Shushyne4np2ne View Post
Time to drop my stones on this whole matter.

1) KM's do have imperfections, like all egyptian hookahs SEEM to have. If it smokes well, smoke it. If it doesn't, talk to the vendor. I'm sure that they will find it in their hearts to see what they can do for you (unless you are dealing with someone that isn't reputable).

2) AF hookahs have imperfections too. I own a light 40" and it leans to the left. Sure, the glass has some seeds as well, but that thing smokes like a dream. I love it.

3) Enough with the snide and sniping comments- I'm sick to fucking death of HP members getting pissed off and running their mouths off at another member. This isn't high school, grow the fuck up now!


Now, with that being said, I'm in no way trying to mark any member's credibility. Hajo, Foibled, mattathayde, let's put our differences aside and smoke our respective pipes and be happy? This negative energy I'm getting from the three of you is really getting to me. Now, I know there are gonna be a million comments after my post like "STFU d00d u r a n00b" or "he started it...etc..." But I don't care. Just please smoke in peace and relax?

-Fat Bastard from KCMO.
We appreciate your plea for harmony, however your profanity laced tirade does little to invoke a sense of civility into the debate if that was your intent. Our staff is pretty well suited to handle such issues as we see fit. Perhaps in the future if you have an issue w/the tenor of a debate and aren't willing or able to address it w/out losing your cool as well, you should simply report it for moderation.
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