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Default I'm getting sick of shisha =/

I smoke it literally everyday... but it's like im forced to. Everytime i take real care making it, i clean the pipe every time, clean water. Wash the bowl and then spend time making it.I then make the holes ect ect....

but this is what annoys me, maybe this is because i dont have any more flavour and im depressed xD, The shisha is starting to taste eww =/ like all my friends are like THIS IS NICE and ill be like no...

the shisha cafes shisha taste so much better... i think its because of my bowl, im a nice person and i lend a lot of my shisha stuff to friends... but =/ i lost my good parts... i used to have like 4 shishas at one point... now i got one =/ and i used to have like 4 EX-L pipes and 2 razan pipes which i preffer over the nammor... the nammor is thinner... dont seem the same to me even though people say they come from same factory =/.

Okay im gona ask for help then =/ ... I have no idea how much water to put... the bowl just seems kind of small for my shisha, which might not be the case but the stem is different to any other shisha ive had, it reaches well deep inside the water vase/bowl.

usualy im used to the top of the shisha being around 1inch after halfway, this one goes around 2inches +.

Second of all. where can i buy a nice egpytian ***.. i really want an original khalil mamoon one, the one i got is just crap _ =/ its got a weired shape and GUESS WHAT... ONE OF THE FOUR HOLES IS BLOCKED.. WTF?

i dnt even want to drill it as i fear i might break it... knowing my anger issues ill just end up smashing it and then crying later LOL.
This is the obvious shady build quality of khalil mamoon, also the top of stem where you put ur pots on, it twists... and cause the silver part where u put ur tray on is not leveld, the joint looks rusty and the top part twists :S .. im worried this might cause a leak or worst case break.

It's hard for me to explain. but im kind of getting pissed off. Ive lost / broken about 220 pounds worth of hookah accessories and hookahs them selves. My white EX-L pipe which was the best one i had just broke yesterday.... and my brother broke it.. now i only got 1 pipe left. and the pipe stinks :S... i been smoking one flavour, but even after a wash it STINKS... wdf :\ the quality of the products in uk is starting to piss me off. Minus the fact we have to pay EXTRA cost just to obtain the $"$"E items, but we are not even sure if they are authentic.. I would have been better off buying a mya. There is no build quality issues in them.

some one _ help me out
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