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Exclamation I finally got my KM, but...

Ok guys, I just received my KM from hookah john and I could not be happier. I cleaned the stem and base and started putting it together...and now I have some issues.

The grommet, wtf? It is a michelin tire of a is thick as hell and good quality, but I can not get it into the base. I have tried wetting it, then heating it, have tried putting it into the base and then tried to put the stem into it while inside the base, etc. I need some help with this....cause I am at the point that I am thinking about cutting the inside of the grommet little by little to see if it will fit.....any ideas?

next, the hose port....I have the KM pro "AS" do I need a grommet for the hose port or do I just crank the hose into it to make it as airtight as possible?

Thanks for the help....
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