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Default Re: At Wits End with quality, Am I missing something?

Originally Posted by Pete View Post
I agree, especially in this case where the company itself is seemingly aware of declining/spotty quality. If you know you're no longer delivering the product on which you've built your strong reputation and large customer base, something has to change. Either manufacture in quantities you're capable of or continue to build a lesser product, but charge a reduced price (never happen). It might seem KM's approach is to produce as many hookahs as they can with a blatant disregard for quality control, all while hoping (perhaps assumption) their history/reputation will keep the customers coming. Shrewd.
1) I want to apologize to mods, Hajo, Foibled and our OP for my earlier post. It was early and I hadn't had my coffee yet.

2) KM does have a great reputation in the states as of now, with the hookah trend blowing up like crazy now. I'm not saying that KM should put out these subpar quality pipes just to meet demand. Things that are of good quality should be made in only the quantity that the manufacturer thinks they can handle without sacrificing quality control. I am no expert on construction of pipes or anything of that sort, but I do think something needs to be done when it comes to the problems with these pipes. Now, since a lot of us are American and cannot directly contact the factory easily and our international members may not have the power to sway the company judgement, we will likely do 1 of 2 things

Smoke our KMs until they reach a point of unuseability


switch to a different manufacturer with solid construction and aesthetic quality control.

I for one, enjoy my KM pieces. I can understand what OP and others that have had it with KM's shoddy problems here and there are getting at. I did not mean to cause any sort of angry or negative discussion here. Keep smoking and be happy folks!

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