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Default Re: Having off Days...

Originally Posted by Shushyne4np2ne View Post
I seem to have similar problems this week. If anyone saw my AF cardamom review, I raved about it. It was amazing for me. then it happened: I smoked a bowl the other day, and my friend is new to hookah (Dirty Hippy John, AKA hookah Slave, AKA my own personal Lurch- You rang?) packed the bowl and IDK what he did to it, but it burned like all hell and I just threw the coals outside, stomped on them in a rage and came back inside and played Mass Effect 2, shooting everything in sight. Hopefully, my valentines day bowl with my sweetie will work out a little better.
I've noticed this about AF these days too. WHAT THE HELL right? Just opened up a new pack of Peach and Coconut and getting MAD throat tingle and it's just burning quicker than it usually does. Stars maybe not inline for the AF gods?

Out of curiosity, how is everyone packing their AF in vortex bowls these days? Fluffy? Tight?
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