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Default Re: I finally got my KM, but...

Hey john....thanks for the is excellent....and I could not be happier. I remembered what you said about wetting the grommet when you called me, but I just couldnt manage it into the hole (that's not what she said, well maybe ).

The whole bareback hose...thats why I was asking...the hose fits pretty snug as is...but I know that everyone talks about a hose grommet, so I didn't know if I was good to smoke with or without one.

Either way I wrapped two thin layers of silicone tape around the hose.... and it is ridiculously tight (that's what she told me ) I am good to go.

Plus it wont matter in a week or so when I get a narbish from ya...I may spring for the grommet then.

Thanks to all for your help.
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