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Default Re: hahahaha Um.... Digestive question?

i have thought about this subject too, and i think they are kind of indirectly related. ive never had to take a dump while smoking hookah that i didnt know about before i started, but i think it is possible the hookah helps move things along based on energy consumption. my theory goes like this:

anyone notice how if you eat a big meal and then sit around you sometimes tend to get cold, especially if the weather is somewhat chilly. thats because the energy required to initiate digestion is making your body work harder to regulate its thermostat. now when you smoke hookah, most of the time you sit down, relax, dont really use up a lot of energy. since you now have a surplus of energy, your body redirects it to where it is most likely needed, the digestive system. increased digestive abilities speeds along the process, heightened by muscle relaxation in the abdomen, which allows things to move a bit more freely.

just an idea.
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