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Default Re: A good starting point.

You might also want to check out (has inexpensive hookahs), (great packages) and (decent packages), or even check out the (has several different items at amazing prices!)

All these companies are reputable and are in our vendor review sections.

As for GH- i've used him , but he's very shotty. One item you might recieve in 2-3 weeks another you might recieve in a month or 2 or not at all. He has good prices, but personally it's not worth the risk.

As for the acrylics- I love mine. I've had it for 2 years, never had issues with it. I have a one hoser that i've turned into a two hoser. It's 23' inches and it's has three green rings. I've dropped it, tipped it, put ice in it and it's great. I dont understand how people strip you can feel when it's threaded wrong/ see when its wrong with these hookahs!

( I also like traditional hookahs as well! so either is good. Just pick whichever you like the most!!! Both will smoke well.)

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