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Default Cool Conferance In Mashhad

One of odder things I can recall happening to me on my travels happened yesterday when I went to conference about a major expansion to a food packaging line I've been working on.

Basically I assumed it would be just another day talking to gray men about how they should part with some cash and help their business grow rather then save some money short run in exchange for losing a bunch for next several years but it turned out a bit different then what I expected.

I found out later that one of the big wheel types that showed up is a huge fan of smoking and he decided that he wouldn't bother with any conference that didn't include Ghalyoons. I also understand that the gentleman is a Zoroastrian which coincides with the notion that members of that religion tend to be wealthy, power broker types although I didn't learn that till after meeting.

Anyhow, I walked into the meeting expecting the usual lectures and a typically wearying combo of verbal sparing/groveling. Instead I walked in on a conference table had about a dozen or so Ghalyoons loaded up with tombac and couple of heated trays filled with smoldering coals. As the meeting progressed everyone smoked, drank lots of tea and ate a lot of fruits and nuts making for the nicest and most atypical conference i've ever been to.

After we all broke for lunch we had a the very rare treat of finding that all of the Ghalyoons had been replenished with Khansar Sunset which is a rare jurak with a rich, coffee/chocolate/nut/tobacco range of flavours that I haven't been able to get for quite some time. As delightful as the jurak was the tastes were accentuated by the Havij Bastani and Sheer Moz (both are a sort of Iranian variant on milkshakes that are quite refreshing) made available to us. I have no idea if the meeting will prove a success in any meaningful fashion but having my senses delighted by such great tasting stuff is a rare treat to be savuored.

One funny aspect of the meeting is that one fellow in attendance is a deeply religious fellow who took several opportunities to point out the evils of cigarettes and condemn fruit flavoured moassel as threat to the morality of children while he smoked with great vigor during the meeting. It also never ceases to amuse me to watch the reactions of people as I smoke since it seems no one here can believe someone like me would enjoy smoking anything but a cigarette.
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