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Default Your first smoke.

I know there are probably a million of these floating around. But I haven't seen one since I've been a member here and we get new members daily who might want to share their Stories.

So the question is... Do you remember your first smoke?

I remember mine like it was yesterday. I first smoked it the night I bought while on a date with my girlfriend. I remember setting it up and her asking a bunch of questions. Like "Is it ready? What's the foil for?" Ya know. Those cute questions that girls ask. (Yes I know I'm a girl. Haha.)
I got lucky and set it up PERFECTLY my first time. It was great. She was instantly hooked and we smoke together all the time now. We smoked Rossetta Pomegranate. Which was fantastic. We still smoke it to this day.

So, share your first smoke stories.

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