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Default After the bar on a drunken night

so the other day me and Courtenay-Jade went out to a party for our friends birthday, and im sure you can gess we had a few drink..... so we were in the bar untill closeing at about 1 and got home about an hour later and stumbeled through the door of Courts house (with disabled mother in bed asleep) and we wornt tired.

as you do we sat down in the living room and got out the hookah stuff. so we got the water in the base ( and all over the kitchen) and got a bowl packed up. so sitting in the living room and got out my jet lighter and got the coals on the go.

we were smoking away for ages and realised the coals were dying so started another coal. little did i no the window wasnt open, and there was a lot of smoke coming from the coal. all of a sudden * BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!!!!!* as the fire alarm went off, and the alarms are connected through the house so ALL of them started going.

so i jumped into action and hit the mute button after about 10 attempts of getting it. we were then sitting there thinking every sound was her mum coming about to be screeming "WTF!!!" thankfully she had taken her sleeping tablets and was out cold.

moral of the story, make suer to light quick lights outside when smoking in the middle of the night lol

any1 else got any after hours drunken stories??
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