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Default Re: Metallic Chemical like taste.

Originally Posted by FURsAKeN View Post
First, look down the stem with a light and see if there is any corrosion/rust, exposed metal from chipped plating.
Second, if you have a non-washable hose it could be rusting. You can gut it and home depo it with some rubber tubing and hose clamps.
Third, It could be what you wash it with, any cleaners, solvents, or soaps?
I think I used some dawn and some warm water one time. Other than that I use the lemon juice and baking soda thing. No solvents or solutions. Hmm is there a video on the home depoing hose thing lol. I will check it for rust. If there is im pretty much screwed right? I pulled from the stem just to see if the get the same taste and I don't. Its just in the heart of the hookah and VERY present in the hose lol.
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