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Originally Posted by Dreamer1917 View Post

I got some questions for everyone who smokes moassel and things of that nature.
What is Jurak?
Havij Bastani?
Khansar Sunset?
Thanks in advance.
Jurak: a finely chopped, often paste like, tobacco designed for hookah. It is often cured/infused in various different way that can include spices, herbs and florals.
Tombak: Dried and compressed tobacco leaves. Very little more is done to the leaves. You prep and smoke it by soaking the leaves in water. It's packed in a very pile like way onto a specific style bowl. Holes are punched through it and coals are placed directly on the tobacco. Like a lighter cigar.
Havij bastani: no clue
Ghalyoons: Another word for hookah.
Khansar Sunset: A specific brand and style of tobacco that is made with molasses as well as herbal, floral and spice essences. It's considered to be a very high quality tobacco and is quite difficult to get in the western world. Made with rare and expensive tobacco leaves. Khansar is the brand. Sunset is the blend.
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