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from what ive smoked:
*hookahhookah is pretty much emptying a ciggerett and adding water and a little flavor. i wouldnt recommend this at all
*al waha is pretty big cut but also has alot of stems (some times huge monster stems too) and is died and unwashed. it was decent when it was cheap but not really worth the money anymore.
*al fakher is really finely cut washed tobacco that is died. if you want washed tobacco this is probably your best best other than lucid that ive never tried so i cant recommend.
*nakhla is undied unwashed decent cut. its also very dry or at least what i had it could have changed in teh last 2 years. some people love it i hate it po-tay-to pa-tah-to
*tangiers is large cut undied unwashed tobacco that is very juicy. its my favorite but apparently some people have alot of trouble with it.
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