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Default Re: Please Fix Your Signatures!

Forum is already doing that though (shrink down your browser to half screen, images are reduced automatically).

What it does is outright will not let you upload the image if it does not meet the parameters. Therefore until you fix it on your own, the server will not allow you to url point or load the image on the server. This would make the "User" responsible for meeting the standard and not require any part on the server besides using the code to compare the image to a standard Sambooka sets.

Comparison Image = 500 width x 150 height by 100kb
Uploaded Image = 501 width x 149 height by 100kb - NOT APPROVED
Uploaded Image = 500 width x 100 height by 50kb - APPROVED

This way only the content of the image needs to be moderated instead of the forum nazis having to review each person's sig to meet the standard. Wipe the slate clean, institute the standard, and everyone re-sizes and reloads their sigs.