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Default Re: Cool Conferance In Mashhad

Glad you all liked the story. That conference was a first for me and something totally unexpected. I got to talk to the Zoroastrian gentleman I mentioned and he told me that he doesn't trust anyone that doesn't smoke. He also talked with a bit about the morality of being an employer which is more then rare among wealthy business leader types and rather amazed me.

The anti-cigarette/moassel guy is a fairly big player in provincial (Razavi Khorasan) politics and he took the time to explain to his thoughts on how moassel is bad because it's fruit flavoured and at odds with the great traditions of Iranian culture. He also said that artificial flavours are not understood in medical terms and should be viewed as dangerous as a result. He then went on to point that disease commonly attributed to smoking are statistically less common in Iran then they are in the West and he attributed that to the wholesomeness of jurak and tombac which he described as all natural. He also made reference to chemicals used in food production being contrary to the will of God. Needless to say, one shouldn't argue with a potential client so I made sympathetic comments and pointed out how great traditional products are.

As to how things went, well, I won't know for sure till everyone that needs to signs on the dotted line
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