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Default Re: Please Fix Your Signatures!

Originally Posted by Jride View Post
Thats what im thinking also. You guys must be surfing HP on iPhones or blackberrys or just have dial up internet or something. Do a virus scan yall.
i don't know why you're always a dick about everything...i've noticed it from you and only one other person on this forum. it's a good idea. it keeps hookahpro free and it keeps sambooka from spending so much money.

i have a brand new gateway with 8gb ram, 2 500gb hard drives, nothing running under msconfig (except AV), and less than 30gb of space on my computer used up, defragmented and scanned 4 times a week, and a thread full of .gifs or large animated sigs will still slow down my computer. it doesn't have to do with what you're running it on, and you can still express yourself with text and standstill anm.