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Default Re: Please Fix Your Signatures!

Originally Posted by Nyxxie View Post
I think the restrictions are really way too restrictive. Going from unlimited size to 500x100 is just crazy, in my humble opinion. I think it should have been more lenient to see how it works on, only constricting the dimensions when the initial size restriction posed a problem.

Yes, Signatures are only for people who "live" on the internet. That's a great observation. I guess I should go outside and see what these things people are talking about called "trees."

I think it's about expressing yourself. I say get rid of them all together.
I guess when you dip into your own pocket to pay the bandwith charges around here then you have the right to say the restrictions are too restrictive, but until then lets stop telling the site owner that you dont like his rules, thats three times now you have done it and its getting old fast.
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