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Default Re: Please Fix Your Signatures!

OK this was an interesting thread to read ..

I ripped my awesome jeans that my wife bought me while moving her couch into our house. So I'm feeling mad! Just kidding .. it's all good we will try to fix them.

Ok, is the tension lightened up a little?

.. about this thread. The signature image size has ALWAYS been 500x100. But I opened it up so we could host off of other sites via the IMG tag. But when I did that it was years ago and under the assumption that we would all stay within the 500X100 rectangular box. Occasionally we would have to call someone out in private through a PM. But not very often. If people were pretty close to the right size we let it go. Lately there has been a lot of animation (which does slow down page compilation) and signature images that are larger than 500x100 (which is a reasonable size and generous for a signature image)

All we were asking was for people utilizing the IMG tage to make their signature conform to the 500x100 size limitations and leave out the animation. It isn't to be "big brother" it is strictly for better load time and overall aesthetics of this forum.

I don't want to remove the ability to add via the IMG tag but that looks to be the only way to resolve this. So starting Thursday morning, we will be starting fresh! Relax it won't be that bad .. we will be removing all signatures and starting fresh! Think of it as spring cleaning. So back yours up between now and then if you want to reuse your text. New rules and size limitations will be put into place based on usergroups. Members with 100 posts and above will be allowed to upload signature images.

This is nothing to get overly excited about .. it is just a signature. The content is what is really important. We are just trying to make the content the number one priority.

If anybody complains, please feel free to cut and paste.

Thanks for understanding and your cooperation .. The Hookah Pro Staff
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