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Default Re: Maybe a fix for flat soda flavors...

This is a terrible idea. Anything with carbonation should be avoided at all costs.


If you use carbonated soda, water or whatever in the base you are going to be inhaling all the CO2 that is released by the liquid. This can result in CO2 poisoning. You may not notice it at first but this is a very dangerous condition that can result in lots of unpleasant stuff, the most severe of which can be death.

Basic Information about Concentrations of CO2 in Air [LIST][*]1,000,000 ppm of a gas = 100 % concentration of the gas, and 10,000 ppm of a gas in air = a 1% concentration.[*]At 1% concentration of carbon dioxide CO2 (10,000 parts per million or ppm) and under continuous exposure at that level, such as in an auditorium filled with occupants and poor fresh air ventilation, some occupants are likely to feel drowsy.[*]The concentration of carbon dioxide must be over about 2% (20,000 ppm) before most people are aware of its presence unless the odor of an associated material (auto exhaust or fermenting yeast, for instance) is present at lower concentrations.[*]Above 2%, carbon dioxide may cause a feeling of heaviness in the chest and/or more frequent and deeper respirations.[*]If exposure continues at that level for several hours, minimal "acidosis" (an acid condition of the blood) may occur but more frequently is absent.[*]Breathing rate doubles at 3% CO2 and is four times the normal rate at 5% CO2.[*]Toxic levels of carbon dioxide: at levels above 5%, concentration CO2 is directly toxic. [At lower levels we may be seeing effects of a reduction in the relative amount of oxygen rather than direct toxicity of CO2.][/LIST] Symptoms of high or prolonged exposure to carbon dioxide include headache, increased heart rate, dizziness, fatigue, rapid breathing, visual and hearing dysfunctions. Exposure to higher levels may cause unconsciousness or death within minutes of exposure."

When inhaling from a hose directly attached to a vase filled with carbonated liquid you are far exceeding 5% concentration. And that is not even getting into the damage that oxygen deprivation can do.

Please head this warning. If you feel the need to put cola or soda in the base shake it to remove all the CO2 first.
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