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Default Re: Please Fix Your Signatures!

Originally Posted by Nyxxie View Post
Macs can't handle graphics? That's ironic. lol.
its cause said graphics are in either bad formats usually, or when people liek me have 50-150 tabs open at a time
Originally Posted by Jride View Post
Thats what im thinking also. You guys must be surfing HP on iPhones or blackberrys or just have dial up internet or something. Do a virus scan yall.
well i run the crap out of my computer along with the fact that my internet here can be pretty bad some times doesnt help either. all the sigs do is waste bandwidth, after you read them once you dont need to read them again

we are pretty lucky that we get avatars and signatures here for free, on jeepforum as a free member you get 5 pms in your box, no avatar, no sigs, cant delete posts, etc etc (see ) if you pay 30 for a year or 200 for life you get these things but only then.

i dont get why this is such a big deal, if you are not getting your individual expression out, make a thread in off topic and fill it to your hearts content and put the link as your sig