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Default Some hookah Q&A

Hey everyone! New member here and in honor of my joining, I bring you:

Lots of questions..

I've been smoking hookah for a while now, but never got into the nitty-gritty of it until now. I went to a hookah bar last night and noticed several things.

1. Tough pull - Was the airflow restricted b/c of too few holes in the foil?

2. Smokey Bowl - The instant I stopped pulling, a puff of smoke would exit the top of the bowl, was the tobacco burning?

3. Harshness - The hookah guy wasn't that great, and I think burned the tobacco. It was fine for about 15-20, but when he added some more coals, it started to tickle my throat,to the point where I had to stop smoking it. Is this what a burnt bowl does, or have I just taken too much time off of smoking?

4. My first hookah =] Tell me what you think of the looks and the Temsaah in general.

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